Hype Stance fosters a culture of invention, inspiration, and creativity. We create products, technologies and experiences for those who build cars and things that inspire others. Hypestance was founded with people like us in mind. Built for car people by car people. Built for the Fabricators who make the impossible. Assembled for the Tuners who push things to the limit. Created for the Designers who invent and innovate. Tailored for the bold ones who dare to challenge the status quo. Hype Stance is tailored for those who take a stance and make their hype a reality.



Each engineered piece we make was taken seriously. They are hand made and designed by us so we ensure that every item we create is original, quality, detail oriented, and tells a story. With our love for everything automotive and our combined backgrounds in creative and engineering, we aim to produce unique product offerings and experiences tailored to your needs. Whether its our people or our projects we give everything we make a touch of character. Our goal is to break necks, move lips and stay hype.



We are visual storytellers of automotive culture. We research hype trends in the car scene and come up with a product concept. Next, we sketch away and begin to design our concept. Finally, the product is then manufactured and is ready for you to enjoy. 


For the creators who don’t concern themselves with becoming famous. But obsess over every detail of their build because those worthy of discovering them will get it. The innovators who don’t follow the “thing” to do at the time. Rather they are fearless in trying something new because no one else has done it, ever. The makers who never limit themselves to what others say can’t be done. But kill themselves to make the impossible possible. 


They might be loved, hated, or envied, but they can never be denied. They get the world talking. They focus on the progression of automotive culture through action. You know who you are. You are the Hype Ones.

We’ll get you dressed and out the door so you can do what you do and take the world by storm. 

Make your hype real.



Growing up in South Florida, a place where cars are as culturally diverse as its people, it’s easy to say that automotive culture has been a big part of our lives. It started way back in the 80’s as kids riding in the backseat of our uncles lowered and modified Datsun 210 as he cruised down the streets of Miami, bass bumping, and frame banging. It continued in the 90’s as we tweaked and tuned our rides in preparation to cruise the strip on South Beach and Coconut Grove on the weekends, showing off the new things we had done to them. The same passion for cars still runs strong today.

 It manifests into the rides we build and is what drives us to build products that represent our lifestyle, our culture, and ourselves.



Noel is an award winning creative director, illustrator, and graphic designer with roots in traditional and digital advertising. As a car builder and fellow car enthusiast Noel has been involved in different South Florida car scenes and has had various builds. He started Hypestance as a passion project in 2014 as a way to blend his love for storytelling, car building and automotive culture.


With a masters in engineering (Biomedical/Mechanical) Rosie brings a valuable and unique skillset to the business. Tasked with directing our operations, she’s the driving force keeping the business running like a well-oiled machine. When she’s not hitting the gas on our productivity, she’s busy being mom to 2 beautiful children and helping our car builds come to life.