2016 Hypestance SEMA Coverage

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Day 1

As a first timer to the SEMA event all I can tell you guys is that it's overwhelming. For those who are planning on coming here next year. Make a plan, list the vendors and people you want to see, get there early and enjoy. Ohh before I forget wear comfortable shoes you'll be putting in a minimum of at least 25k steps.

SEMA has so many vendors, too many beautiful builds to see, drifting, models, celebrities, and the list goes on. It's literally Disney Land for car people. The team spent most of the day in industry panel discussions about topics like social media growth and business best practices (topics we'll cover in our newsletter) the rest of the day was spent exploring the 4 regions of the show, scoping builds, and checking out new products being deployed. 

Along the way we snapped some pics for you to see. Here's a few we thought were cool. Check in later as we'll have more for you to see.




November 02, 2016 — Noel Artiles

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